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Nourished Nerves Ingredient FAQs

Is your alcohol organic?

Yes, it is certified organic and derived from sugarcane.

Are your herbs organic?

Yes, all of our herbs are certified organic by California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF).

Are your products NON-GMO?

Yes, our raw ingredients are GMO-free.

What is your glycerin made from? Is it sustainably sourced?

Our glycerin is sustainably sourced from flaxseed.

Is your tincture vegetarian or vegan?

Yes, it is both vegetarian and vegan.

Where are your herbs grown?

Most of our herbs are grown organically and sustainably in the United States. All of our herb suppliers must go through a rigorous verification process to be approved.

Can I use these products during pregnancy?

Yes, our tincture is safe to use during pregnancy. However, as with any supplement, it is recommended that you consult with a trained herbalist or other qualified health practitioner to determine if this product is appropriate for you.

Is it safe to use this product while breastfeeding given that it contains alcohol?

Yes, the amount of alcohol in the finished product is less alcohol than most breads, juices, and ripe bananas.

Can I take this product with my medication?

We recommend that you discuss with your healthcare provider whether Nourished Nerves can be taken along with your medication. If you are taking thyroid medication, use caution with taking any dietary supplements at the same time as your medication as