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Why do the amounts of some nutrients in FullWell's Prenatal exceed the percent daily value?Updated a year ago

We have carefully calibrated our levels based on a combination of the best available evidence, safety, and ability of the body to absorb the nutrient. In fact, the percent daily values set may not align with typical recommendations on the amount of the nutrient needed during pregnancy, either because a level has not been reliably established, or because it is based on outdated RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowance) levels. Many nutrients also rely on optimal digestive functioning to be absorbed well.The amount of the nutrient that can be absorbed by an average, healthy person may also be limited by normal factors affecting digestive health. (For example, only about 10 mcg of a 500 mcg oral vitamin B-12 supplement is actually absorbed by healthy people.* In cases where the amount of the nutrient exceeds the RDA, it has been safe at the level included.


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