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Should I alternate days when I take my iron?Updated 10 months ago

Alternate-day dosing for iron refers to a dosing regimen in which iron supplements are taken every other day instead of daily. The rationale behind this strategy is that it allows for a slower and more gradual increase in iron levels in the body, potentially reducing the incidence or severity of side effects. It also gives the body additional time to absorb and utilize large doses of iron, as studies have shown that larger doses can stimulate an increase in hepcidin. This hormone helps you control how your body uses its iron supply, which in turn interferes with the absorption of an iron dose taken later in the day. 

Before deciding to use the alternate-day dosing regimen, it's important to consult with a healthcare professional. This dosing may not be suitable for everyone, and certain factors, such as the severity of iron deficiency, individual tolerance to iron supplements, and specific medical conditions, should be considered. While alternate-day dosing can help manage side effects, it may prolong the time required to achieve optimal iron levels. Regular monitoring of iron status through blood tests, like serum ferritin levels, is crucial to ensure that iron levels are being replenished properly.

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