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Is FullWell sold on Amazon?Updated 9 months ago

Yes! We launched select products on Amazon in August. These are the same products that we sell directly on our site. 

But beware of resellers...

This is important! Amazon is a bit of the “Wild West” with resellers, much of which is not in our control (and we are control freaks at FullWell). So, it is incredibly important to ensure that if you buy FullWell products on Amazon, it says “Sold by FullWell” and “Ships From Amazon.” This ensures you get the same high-quality FullWell products we sell on our website. 

You might be wondering why it’s crucial to ensure that your products are coming from us and being fulfilled by Amazon. Why does it matter? It matters because resellers may or may not be storing the products safely and to our quality standards. We also cannot know if a reseller’s product is counterfeit or contaminated. We want our customers to be safe and thrive with authentic FullWell products that are produced with the strictest standards and quality control measures. We are a team of seven women who care deeply about the health and safety of our customers!

As a final note, if you purchase any of our products from Amazon, we would GREATLY appreciate it if you would leave a review. This piece is critical for brands to be successful on Amazon and for more people like you to find FullWell products. You have our sincerest thanks for sharing the love!

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